Acupuncture and Full-Spectrum Hemp


The ultimate aim of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, or TCM, is to cure diseases while preserving the quality of life. Acupuncture is part of TCM and has been shown to improve general well-being, boost appetite, reduce symptoms of nausea, and decrease levels of pain.

For decades, TCM has mixed hemp and acupuncture. Both modalities improve the capacity of the endocannabinoid system to carry the body back to balance.

What is Acupuncture and TCM?

According to the NIH Consensus Conference, acupuncture is described by a variety of techniques as “a family of procedures involving stimulation of anatomical locations on the skin.” The most studied mechanism of acupuncture point stimulation uses small, strong, metallic needles to penetrate the skin, which is stimulated manually or by electrical stimulation.

Acupuncture for Dogs

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is currently the most popular theoretical paradigm that governs the clinical practice of acupuncture in the U.S., in which clinical decisions are mostly focused on the particular clinical trends that correspond to the theory of TCM

CBD and Acupuncture

Analysis reveals that both CBD and acupuncture produce a chemical known as adenosine. Acupuncture induces adenosine release, enhancing the ability of the body to withstand pain.

Adenosine helps combat inflammation and pain when CBD is placed in place. They offer the endocannabinoid system a boost to battle cancer, mental illness, strokes, spasms, and mental ailments when used in combination.

By using points (known as meridians) and needles to crack any blockages, acupuncture often activates the nervous system. In order to stabilize the body, this increases the production of endocannabinoids. The body is also brought back to homeostasis by CBD oil; both function at the cellular level.

Dosing CBD Hemp

Dosing has very little to do with the size or weight of your dog, despite common myths. It depends on your particular dog, their specific ailment, and how sensitive their endocannabinoid system is to find the correct dose.

Lift the lip and apply a dose directly to the gums for the quickest and most thorough absorption, as the most direct path into the bloodstream. The medication may not be as successful if applied to food and can take slightly longer (30-45 minutes) to enter the bloodstream as it passes through the gastrointestinal system.

A trial and error approach is recommended during the first few weeks, as you monitor the response of your animal and decide the appropriate dosage. In considering full-spectrum hemp extract for your dog, the old saying “start low and go slow” is extremely applicable.


The pet is seen as a “whole” by holistic pet treatment, including CBD and Acupuncture. TCM and CBD together have the highest therapeutic advantage for pets. Using two natural modalities to encourage the endocannabinoid system will get the body back to balance quicker, thereby enhancing the overall health of your dog more effectively.

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