Dogs in Need

FAQ’s About the Dogs in Need

Who are the dogs listed?

The dogs listed here include those who currently require some sort of financial assistance, resources to help them along their cancer journey, or dog lovers who need emotional support.

How can my dog get listed?

To get your dog listed, contact the care team at or use the contact page.

Where do the donations come from?

The donations come from dog lovers around the world who wish to make your dog cancer journey easier. Many of them have gone through the journey, or are currently experiencing what you are going through, and understand the financial and emotional toll.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Not currently. We are currently in the process of becoming a non-profit organization. Once we receive the proper documentation, future donations will become tax-deductible.

Are there any breeds not permitted on the list?

Absolutely not. Every breed deserves to receive recognition and have an equal chance to get through the dog cancer journey.

Are any additional financial resources available?

Yes, fortunately there are a number of organizations with the desire to help dogs with cancer. For the full list, click here.