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We are proud to offer this online learning section in partnership with other organizations like us. All learning offerings on this page are 100% online and 100% self-paced. Complete the course on your own time, in your home, without the hassle of deadlines or commute time.

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Integrating Holistic Practices in Canine Cancer.
Integrating Holistic Practices in Canine Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Certificate of Completion with Drake Dog Cancer Academy.
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Additional Courses

Online full spectrum dog cancer care course.
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Full-Spectrum Canine Cancer Care with e-Training for Dogs

This course is designed to help you understand Dr. Dressler’s full-spectrum approach to canine cancer care from a behavioral standpoint. There are ways to help a dog with cancer as a Canine Behaviorist, or even simply as your dog’s pet parent. Click here to learn more about the course.

Dog cancer diet.
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The Dog Cancer Diet

The Dog Cancer Diet Course is designed to guide you toward the foods that help keep your dog healthy, and away from those that may promote cancer growth.

Free course on how to extend your dog's life.
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FREE COURSE: Extend Your Dog’s Life

Are you interested in a free course that will teach you how to make your dog live longer? If so, click the button below to enroll today!

Drake Dog Cancer Foundation has provided me with the opportunity to learn about my dog’s cancer and how to help on my own time without being overwhelmed. I am grateful to have them as a resource while my dog and family are going through such a hard time.

Kathryn C., Florida

Online dog cancer courses.

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