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Early Cancer Stages

How to Care for Your Dog in their Early Cancer Stages

When your pet is sick, it’s scary for both of you. Uncertainty about the vet’s diagnosis, anxiety that the condition is terminal, and fear of disease’s extent all weigh heavily. Many questions and worries surround cancer. You want to help your beloved dog during this difficult time. You can’t reverse or prevent cancer, but you canContinue reading “The Dog Cancer Blog”

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Keeping your dog healthy requires a strong immune system. Processed foods, immunizations, medications, and pollutants can damage your dog’s immune system. Genetics, pollution, and stress also weaken immunity. Natural, digestive-healthy foods can increase your dog’s immunity. Probiotics balance intestinal flora to boost the immune system. Yogurt is often a go-to for healthy probiotics. But, can dogsContinue reading “Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?”

Check Your Dogs Water Source

Check Your Dog’s Water Source

Water is a large component of what our dogs (and we) consume every day. For that reason, we must emphasize the importance of not only water itself but water quality for both our dogs and ourselves.  Why is Water So Important? Although water isn’t considered a nutrient, it’s one of the most important aspects ofContinue reading “Check Your Dog’s Water Source”

what bones are safe for dogs

Choosing Bones: What Bones Are Safe for Dogs?

Let’s be honest: Dogs commonly experience boredom.  They spend the entire day lying around the house waiting for their loved ones to return from work or school. Your pets undoubtedly still get a lot of downtimes even if you work from home.  Recreational bones for dogs come into play here. But, what bones are safeContinue reading “Choosing Bones: What Bones Are Safe for Dogs?”

synthetic vitamins and minerals in dog food

Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Food

Dog food manufacturers love to tout the benefits of their products, but do they really know what they’re talking about? As it turns out, not always—and some of their claims are downright misleading. Case in point: synthetic vitamins and minerals in dog food. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are factory-made chemicals that have been designed toContinue reading “Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Food”

cytopoint for dogs

The Danger Behind Cytopoint for Dogs

The new wonder medication is being touted as Cytopoint for dogs.  It is claimed to be extremely safe because it is “not an immunosuppressant” and “not a medication.” Conventional veterinarians inform their clients of this. And we have a suspicion that the Cytopoint manufacturer and distributor’s representatives are the ones sending out this message. What IsContinue reading “The Danger Behind Cytopoint for Dogs”

Bone Broth for Dogs

How to Make Bone Broth for Dogs

Bone broth is a great way to provide your dog with essential vitamins and minerals. It can be frozen and used as a treat or added to your dog’s daily bowl. The Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” And if that is true, thenContinue reading “How to Make Bone Broth for Dogs”

Home Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs

Home Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs

Bladder stones in dogs can be a frightening issue, especially since a traditional veterinarian would probably advise surgery as the best course of action. If your dog has a serious condition, that could sometimes be the case. Other times, your veterinarian might suggest alternative remedies. However, there are some circumstances where you can treat your dog’sContinue reading “Home Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs”

hawthorn for dogs

Hawthorn for Dogs: Natural Heart Health

Hawthorn for dogs is an herb that’s been used to treat heart problems in Chinese and other traditional remedies as far back as the 1st century. Hawthorn berries aid with a wide range of heart problems in humans including irregular pulse, high blood pressure, chest pain, hardening of the arteries, and heart failure. It’s also been used forContinue reading “Hawthorn for Dogs: Natural Heart Health”

Ins and Outs of Manganese for Dogs

The Ins and Outs of Manganese for Dogs

Manganese for dogs, although only needed in small amounts, is an essential mineral for your dog. It’s vital to the growth of your dog, especially during their puppy years, joint health and dozens of other functions in their body. While manganese is present in many of the foods that we feed our dogs, they mayContinue reading “The Ins and Outs of Manganese for Dogs”


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