What CBD is Best for Dogs?

What CBD is Best for Dogs
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What CBD is best for dogs? How do you choose the best oil? CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the second most abundant compound in the cannabis plant, after THC. Recently, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to medications, which can have terrible side effects, whereas CBD has little to no adverse effects.

What CBD is Best for Dogs?
What CBD is Best for Dogs?

Research suggests CBD has various medicinal characteristics, including reducing your pet’s chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, as well as aiding against cancer, autoimmune disease and neurological problems. Offering CBD for pets a good solution to boost your pet’s health; if you choose the right one.

Unfortunately, not all CBD is created equal, and the CBD for pets sector remains mainly unregulated. That’s why we emphasize the necessity of researching your product before to buying. 

Look for a Full Spectrum Oil

A full-spectrum hemp extract is one where all the naturally occurring, bioactive compounds have been left in their natural state. While there are thousands of cannabinoids and terpenes present in each plant, and it is not possible to preserve every single one during the manufacturing process, full-spectrum means that none of the cannabinoids were purposefully removed. When these synergistic compounds go through additional processing, the benefits of the plant are diminished and the incidence of side effects is increased. 

One of the biggest reasons full spectrum is so important is because the cannabinoids and terpenes all work together to enhance each other. This effect is called the Entourage Effect, and makes it possible for different cannabinoids to interact to achieve maximum effects ensuring maximum results. 

Check Out the Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) for a CBD product is a document including lab data revealing exactly what is in the product you are purchasing for your pet. This report specifies the exact amount of each cannabinoid, such as CBD and THC, present in the product.

This is how you can be certain you are purchasing a CBD product with a complete range. The report will also indicate what is NOT in your product, such as toxins or heavy metals, so you can be certain that your CBD product for pets is safe.

A COA should always be provided by an independent laboratory. This refers to a corporation that is unaffiliated with the manufacturer of the CBD product. You can establish if this is a third party by examining the document’s logo and contact information. Additionally, you can call the lab to validate the results of the COA for your product.

CBD for Dogs with Cancer

If you choose the right CBD for your dog with cancer, CBD oil has the potential to:

  • Inhibit tumor growth (via apoptosis)
  • Trigger death of cancer cells (via apoptosis)
  • Inhibit the formation of blood vessels that feed tumors (angiogenesis)
  • Discourage the spread of cancer from one part of the body to another (metastasis)

Our Recommendation of What CBD is Best for Dogs: CBD Dog Health

The products at CBD Dog Health contain Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD), a wide range of cannabinoids, and terpenes — the compounds in the plant that create therapeutic results and encourage the Entourage Effect.

Their CBD products are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and full spectrum cannabinoid blends for optimal benefit. You can also view the COA (certificate of analysis) for any product with full transparency.

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Published by Amber L. Drake

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