Cooling Proteins for Dogs with Allergies

Finding cooling proteins for dogs that can help control allergies can be done by using Chinese medicine food energetics. Numerous allergy treatment alternatives make immediate promises of success. However, the adverse reactions may outweigh the allergic condition they are meant to address. Discovering the root of the problem is crucial. The Cause of Allergies inContinue reading “Cooling Proteins for Dogs with Allergies”

Acupuncture and Full-Spectrum Hemp

The ultimate aim of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, or TCM, is to cure diseases while preserving the quality of life. Acupuncture is part of TCM and has been shown to improve general well-being, boost appetite, reduce symptoms of nausea, and decrease levels of pain. For decades, TCM has mixed hemp and acupuncture. Both modalities improveContinue reading “Acupuncture and Full-Spectrum Hemp”