Finding a Veterinarian for Dog Cancer

If you have decided to opt into some type of treatment, or you are considering treatment, you’ll want to look for a veterinary oncologist. If you don’t have one near you or you are unsure, you can still request a consultation. What is a Veterinary Oncologist? Veterinary oncologists are extremely knowledgeable in conventional veterinary medicine.Continue reading “Finding a Veterinarian for Dog Cancer”

Making Choices for Your Dog

Some clients I have encountered decide they don’t want to treat the cancer. What do I say? What does the veterinarian say in these cases? There’s no black and white answer when it comes to putting your dog through treatment. And, when it comes to our dogs, it generally doesn’t come down to the moneyContinue reading “Making Choices for Your Dog”

Preventative Measures for Dog Cancer

Preventing cancer entirely isn’t exactly possible. Carcinogens surround us, and our dogs, on a daily basis. And, genetics come into play. But, there are measures that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of cancer in our dogs. Before we continue, if you suspect your dog may have cancer, it’s critical to make anContinue reading “Preventative Measures for Dog Cancer”

Vaccination to Prevent Dog Cancer?

A vaccine for dog cancer? Who has ever heard of such a thing? If you were to ask the cancer community, a vaccine for dog cancer is near impossible. The idea is out of this world to say the least. But, research is advancing, technology is advancing, and science is coming a long way.  AboutContinue reading “Vaccination to Prevent Dog Cancer?”