Metronomic Chemotherapy for Dog Cancer: A Gentler Approach

Cancer is a formidable adversary for our canine companions, and finding the best treatment options can be a challenge. An approach that is becoming more popular is known as metronomic chemotherapy, which offers a gentler, more targeted way to fight cancer in dogs. This innovative treatment method may help improve your pet’s quality of lifeContinue reading “Metronomic Chemotherapy for Dog Cancer: A Gentler Approach”

Metronomic Chemotherapy in Dogs

Metronomic chemotherapy in dogs is a relatively recent type of chemotherapy that employs low doses of oral (pulse) chemotherapy administered on a regular basis. The chemotherapy is provided at lower doses than traditional chemotherapy since it is given every day or every other day, resulting in a lower toxicity profile. Because of the lower toxicity,Continue reading “Metronomic Chemotherapy in Dogs”