7 Beneficial Herbs for Dogs Battling Cancer

When you first hear your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, no matter the type, you can feel a pit in the bottom of your stomach. I know, I’ve felt it, when my 9-year-old Corgi was diagnosed. Back then, traditional treatments were the most discussed, while alternative treatments were left in the dark. Fortunately, nowContinue reading “7 Beneficial Herbs for Dogs Battling Cancer”

From Pins to Pressure: Understanding the Benefits of Acupuncture and Acupressure for Dogs

Welcome to our deep dive into the world of alternative canine health! As pet parents, we all want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. In our continuous quest to achieve this, many of us have turned towards traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) practices, like acupuncture and acupressure, to complement conventional treatments. Today, we’llContinue reading “From Pins to Pressure: Understanding the Benefits of Acupuncture and Acupressure for Dogs”

Stay Away from the Kibble

When cancer hits, it’s often accompanied by weight loss, loss of muscle, and depression. All of these can significantly impact your dog’s quality of life. Consuming a good diet can improve your dog’s life tremendously. Food can actually prove to be ‘good medicine,’ and there’s a term for this known as ‘nutrition therapy.’ A high-qualityContinue reading “Stay Away from the Kibble”

What Does Dog Cancer Look Like: Pea Sized Lumps

What does dog cancer look like? Are pea-sized lumps a big deal? Short answer: yes. This doesn’t mean there is a need to panic. Instead, it means you should make an appointment with your veterinarian for a potential aspiration of the lump (using a fine needle to gather a small amount of cells to beContinue reading “What Does Dog Cancer Look Like: Pea Sized Lumps”

13 Types of Cancer in Dogs

Dogs, like their human counterparts, are susceptible to several cancers, including lymphoma and even breast cancer. The good news is that veterinary oncology treatments are similar to those used to treat cancer in humans. We have compiled a list of 13 types of cancer in dogs to help you learn about which ones could affectContinue reading “13 Types of Cancer in Dogs”

6 Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Early warning signs of cancer are key to treating cancer early. As your dog ages, the risk of cancer increases. By the age of 10, they have a 50% chance of developing a type of canine cancer, which, in case you didn’t know, is the number one cause of death in dogs. Because of this,Continue reading “6 Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs”

Alarming Signs of Stomach Cancer in Dogs

Stomach cancer in dogs is relatively rare, although it does happen from time to time. Stomach tumors are usually malignant (cancerous) and can spread to other organs. Most stomach tumors are not cancerous, but even benign tumors can cause problems if they grow large or cause an obstruction in the digestive tract. What is aContinue reading “Alarming Signs of Stomach Cancer in Dogs”

Causes and Treatment of Osteosarcoma in Dogs

Osteosarcoma in dogs is a bone tumor that is cancerous. This malignancy resembles human pediatric osteosarcoma in appearance. Osteosarcomas are tumors that develop from abnormal bone-making and bone-breaking cells (named osteoblasts and osteoclasts, respectively). Long bones (arms and legs) are the most usually impacted, but jaw, hips, and pelvis bones can also be affected. Non-bonyContinue reading “Causes and Treatment of Osteosarcoma in Dogs”

Care for Yourself Along the Dog Cancer Journey

In most cases, only those who have experienced their dog having cancer understand the stress associated with being their caregiver. I have personally experienced both my own dog with cancer as well as hundreds of canine cancer clients. And, I can tell you, the stress of knowing your furry best friend has cancer can beContinue reading “Care for Yourself Along the Dog Cancer Journey”

Taking the First Steps for Dogs with Cancer

In a word, cancer is dreadful. It’s not simply that it’s repulsive, horrifying, and vicious. It’s that it’s cunning, devious, and adept at finding out how to elude our attempts to contain it. When you’re up against an opponent like this, it’s helpful to have some help. That is why, in order to address theContinue reading “Taking the First Steps for Dogs with Cancer”