7 Beneficial Herbs for Dogs Battling Cancer

When you first hear your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, no matter the type, you can feel a pit in the bottom of your stomach. I know, I’ve felt it, when my 9-year-old Corgi was diagnosed. Back then, traditional treatments were the most discussed, while alternative treatments were left in the dark. Fortunately, nowContinue reading “7 Beneficial Herbs for Dogs Battling Cancer”

Dog Cancer Diet: Is Kibble Acceptable?

When cancer hits, it’s often accompanied by weight loss, loss of muscle, and depression. All of these can significantly impact your dog’s quality of life. Consuming a good diet can improve your dog’s life tremendously. Food can actually prove to be ‘good medicine,’ in a sense… hence why dogs with cancer are often fed aContinue reading “Dog Cancer Diet: Is Kibble Acceptable?”

Understanding the Holistic Approach to Canine Cancer

When treating a dog with cancer, there are conventional, integrative, and holistic options. Conventional options often involve surgery, chemo, and/or radiation. Holistic options generally involve homeopathy, healing herbs and spices, and other natural remedies. Integrative medicine combines the two. If you have studied cancer, even slightly, you likely noticed the conventional options are highly emphasizedContinue reading “Understanding the Holistic Approach to Canine Cancer”