Coping and Grieving: Adults and Children Losing a Dog from Cancer

*Excerpts from ‘The Behavioral Side to Canine Cancer” written by Amber L. Drake (Chapter 8) Children are vulnerable enough already, and the whole idea of death is not something that they entirely understand. They are usually pretty close to our beloved dogs, as our children tend to spend a great deal of their time withContinue reading “Coping and Grieving: Adults and Children Losing a Dog from Cancer”

Decompensation in Dogs with Cancer

Diseases like cancer are not always as apparent as we think they are. Decompensation in dogs with cancer isn’t always gradually apparent. They do not knock on the door and notify you that they have started to take root. Sometimes signs and symptoms can start to show up after they have embedded themselves deeply intoContinue reading “Decompensation in Dogs with Cancer”

Making Choices for Your Dog

Some clients I have encountered decide they don’t want to treat the cancer. What do I say? What does the veterinarian say in these cases? There’s no black and white answer when it comes to putting your dog through treatment. And, when it comes to our dogs, it generally doesn’t come down to the moneyContinue reading “Making Choices for Your Dog”