Understanding Apoptosis and Cancer

How are cancer cells different from normal cells? That’s a simple, yet complicated, question to ask. One of the words you will hear pop up often though is apoptosis. If you’re learning about the science of cancer, you’ll learn that apoptosis plays a major role in all cancer types regardless of species. Apoptosis, commonly referred to as cell suicide(IContinue reading “Understanding Apoptosis and Cancer”

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Your dog is your best friend, so you want to share a bit of that juicy apple you’re having as a midday snack. But, can dog eat apples? You know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” for humans but does this apply to dogs too? It’s time to see if you can share one ofContinue reading “Can Dogs Eat Apples?”

Cancer Fighting Mushrooms for Dogs

Cancer fighting mushrooms for dogs are getting a lot of attention and for good reason. Did you know medicinal mushrooms can help prevent, and even reverse, cancer in our dogs? Whether your dog already has a diagnosis or you’re searching for preventative measures, mushrooms could be exactly what you’re looking for. Why Use Mushrooms ToContinue reading “Cancer Fighting Mushrooms for Dogs”

Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Dogs with Cancer

Turkey tail isn’t just some mushroom; it has a slew of health advantages for your canine companion. Turkey tail is a type of mushroom that can be found on dead logs. Trametes versicolor or Cariolus versicolor is the scientific name for this plant. In popular usage, it’s called turkey tail because its rings resemble thoseContinue reading “Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Dogs with Cancer”

10 Common Digestive Issues in Dogs

Dog digestive issues are among the most prevalent illnesses that pet owners will have to deal with, just like they are with humans. Anything that affects a dog’s stomach and intestines is referred to as a “digestive condition” or disease. Although they are generally not serious, certain digestive issues in dogs can be fatal. Thankfully,Continue reading “10 Common Digestive Issues in Dogs”

Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish?

Can dogs eat raw fish? Short answer, yes. They can. Raw fish is safe for your dog and even generally safe for most humans. But most concerns circle around raw fish and parasites. Many raw feeders choose to supplement their dog’s diet with fish for the omega-3 benefits. Small, oily fish like sardines and anchovies areContinue reading “Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish?”

Can Dogs Eat Kale Raw?

There always seems to be a new concern when it comes to maintaining your health. And it goes beyond just what you eat. Each new piece of knowledge aids in directing not only what you consume, but also what you feed your dog. Another dish is in question, as if you weren’t stressed enough already.Continue reading “Can Dogs Eat Kale Raw?”

Watch Out for These Pet Food Marketing Terms

To shield customers from false advertising claims, there are “truth in advertising” regulations. But when it comes to marketing, there are frequently ambiguities. Cleverly written assertions can frequently be unclear or deceptive. Pet food marketing terms are no different. So many pet food marketing claims on the packaging are false unless a dog food boxContinue reading “Watch Out for These Pet Food Marketing Terms”

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Keeping your dog healthy requires a strong immune system. Processed foods, immunizations, medications, and pollutants can damage your dog’s immune system. Genetics, pollution, and stress also weaken immunity. Natural, digestive-healthy foods can increase your dog’s immunity. Probiotics balance intestinal flora to boost the immune system. Yogurt is often a go-to for healthy probiotics. But, can dogsContinue reading “Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?”

Check Your Dog’s Water Source

Water is a large component of what our dogs (and we) consume every day. For that reason, we must emphasize the importance of not only water itself but water quality for both our dogs and ourselves.  Why is Water So Important? Although water isn’t considered a nutrient, it’s one of the most important aspects ofContinue reading “Check Your Dog’s Water Source”