How Dogs Get Parvo

How Dogs Get Parvo
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Coming into contact with an infected dog is often how dogs get parvo. Parvo is a highly contagious and deadly virus that can affect puppies and dogs of all ages, even healthy ones. Although it’s rare for dogs to die from parvovirus, it’s possible if they’re not treated early enough or if they don’t receive proper nutrition while recovering from the disease. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of parvo so you can get your dog treatment as soon as possible.

Prevention and Vaccination

Vaccination is the best way to prevent parvo. However, it’s not 100% effective and requires a series of shots for the dog to develop immunity against the virus. If your puppy has been vaccinated but still contracts parvovirus, he will likely have less severe symptoms than an unvaccinated dog because his body has already been exposed to the disease through vaccination.

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If you’re worried about your pup contracting parvo or any other illness that could be dangerous for him, keep reading!

Signs of Parvo in Dogs

Infected dogs may show a wide range of clinical signs ranging from mild illness to severe disease. In severe cases, affected dogs often die within a few days of infection.

The most common early signs include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fever (103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher)
  • Dehydration (increased thirst and urination)
  • Lethargy

Diagnosis and Treatment

The parvovirus is diagnosed by a blood test. A veterinarian will do this test to see if your dog has been infected with the virus, and it can take several days for results to come back.

A veterinarian may also take a sample of your dog’s stool and send it to a lab where they will identify any signs of infection with this disease, such as white blood cells or pieces of destroyed red blood cells that have been ingested by viruses in the intestines.

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If your dog is severely ill or not responding to treatment, they may need surgery on their intestines to remove dead tissue (this is called an “intestinal resection”).

If you notice that your puppy has bloody diarrhea and hasn’t been eating or drinking much water, take them straightaway to see a vet so they can be given intravenous fluids while they recover from their illness.

Can My Dog Get Sick from the Parvo Vaccine?

The parvo vaccine is a live virus. This means that it can cause illness in your dog, just as they would get from the virus itself. Parvovirus is rare in vaccinated dogs but if your dog has an immune system problem or is already sick when they get the vaccine, he may become ill from it.

If you notice any unusual symptoms after giving your puppy his first dose of parvo vaccine (or any other vaccinations), contact your veterinarian immediately for advice on what to do next.

Watch for Signs

The important thing to remember is that parvo is a serious disease that can be fatal. If your dog has any of the signs listed above, it’s important to take him or her to the vet immediately. This will help ensure that they get proper treatment as soon as possible so they can make a full recovery!

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