Health Tracking for Your Dog

Health Tracking for Your Dog
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We were recently introduced to a new product that offers health tracking for your dog. It’s called the Maven collar, and it connects your dog’s health to veterinarians 24/7. This can be particularly helpful for dog lovers who need to leave their dog home for a few hours while they’re at work, grocery shopping, or running errands.

What Maven Offers

Since veterinarians have access to the data in your dog’s collar 24/7, the company offers the following features:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Early illness detection
  • Health tracking
  • Access to video and chat support
  • Weekly virtual checkups

Maven Cost

When we first heard about this product, we thought, “24/7 access to veterinarians has to be costly.” But, as of November 2022, they offer a starting plan at only $25.00 per month.


To get started, you will meet with your veterinarian through Maven. Then, you’ll receive your Maven kit and follow the directions to set it up. Once setup is complete, the collar will then be able to track your dog’s activity. Your veterinarian will monitor your dog’s feed and alert you with any concerns.

Get Started

To get started, click on the link below!

Published by Amber Drake

Dr. Drake is an award-winning author and well-known cancer specialist in her field. She is best known for her extensive research on canine cancer prevention and nutrition, her dedication to help dogs live a long, happy life, and for teaching veterinary medicine. As the CEO of Canine Companions Co., the Founder of Drake Dog Cancer Foundation and Academy, and the Co-Founder of Preferable Pups, in addition to being a respected figure in the dog world, she has earned the respect of thousands of dog lovers worldwide.

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