Chronotherapy is a form of treatment that uses the body’s internal clock to regulate its rhythms. Chronotherapy for dogs can be used in many different ways, but it is most commonly used to treat the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the “winter blues.”

Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that some people experience in the winter months. The symptoms include lethargy, increased sleepiness and fatigue, weight gain, and irritability. Chronotherapy for dogs involves exposing your dog to bright light during their normal waking hours during the day. The goal is to help regulate their circadian rhythm so they have more energy during the day and are less likely to suffer from wintertime depression.

Chronotherapy For Dogs

The process of chronotherapy involves exposing your dog to bright light before they normally wake up each morning. You must continue doing this until you see improvement in your dog’s mood and energy level throughout the day. To determine whether or not you should continue with chronotherapy treatment, you should monitor your dog’s mood and behavior over several days after introducing it into their life.

Published by Amber Drake

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