Adenocarcinoma, also known as glandular cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the glands. It can occur anywhere in the body. However, it is most common in the stomach and intestinal tract.

The exact cause of adenocarcinoma in dogs is unknown. However, there are some factors that are known to increase the risk of developing this condition. These include:

  • Age: Adenocarcinomas are more common in older dogs than in younger ones.
  • Sex: This type of cancer is more common in female dogs than in male dogs.
  • Breed: Some breeds have a higher risk of developing adenocarcinoma than others do, including boxers and German shepherds (among many others).

Published by Amber Drake

Dr. Drake is an award-winning author and well-known cancer specialist in her field. She is best known for her extensive research on canine cancer prevention and nutrition, her dedication to help dogs live a long, happy life, and for teaching veterinary medicine. As the CEO of Canine Companions Co., the Founder of Drake Dog Cancer Foundation and Academy, and the Co-Founder of Preferable Pups, in addition to being a respected figure in the dog world, she has earned the respect of thousands of dog lovers worldwide.