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From a personal standpoint, I can tell you that when I first started in this career field, I didn’t give cannabis medicine a second thought. Through all of my years in college, the time I spent in seminars, continuing education, with other professionals, etc., cannabis was left in the dark.

Looking back now, I am not sure how or why this was not mentioned. Cannabis is available for humans with cancer, so why wouldn’t it be available for our dogs? Why wouldn’t it be provided as an alternative method (or a method to be added)?

Fear. Lack of knowledge. Lack of understanding. All of these have contributed to the immediate “no” from professionals and pet parents alike. It’s definitely worth discussion, though. As a Holistic Cancer Coach certified in Cannabis, I would like to share some information with you. I completely understand if this is a post you will skip, but for those who are interested in learning more, please read on.

Full-Spectrum Versus Broad-Spectrum CBD

When I first started learning about CBD, I didn’t know there was a difference between CBD oils and tinctures. I thought they were all the same. As it turns out, they aren’t all equal. The CBD market is highly unregulated, so it’s up to dog lovers to determine which products are high-quality and which are low-quality.

There are some that are more likely to help than others. Choosing the right product is critical. For those that have tried CBD, and it didn’t work for your dog, it could be that you grabbed a broad-spectrum product… or it could just be that the product you purchased was full of impurities.

If this is you; it’s worth another try. Take a look at the following differences between the two:

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD contains as many cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant as possible. Of course, it’s not possible for every single one to be present following the extraction process, but full-spectrum means there were none purposely removed. The existence of as many cannabinoids and terpenes are possible is critical. They are what ensures the CBD works as it’s designed to.

The cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically to produce the entourage effect. The entourage effect is what makes it possible to achieve optimal results.

When you’re searching for a product, full-spectrum is what you want to be looking for rather than broad-spectrum or CBD isolates.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum means CBD (Cannabidiol) was the only cannabinoid purposefully extracted from the plant. Broad-spectrum oils may contain some of the terpenes and cannabinoids, but not all, and not enough to produce the entourage effect.

Broad spectrum products are usually the reason why pet parents will say the CBD oil didn’t work for their dog. It’s not that CBD doesn’t work necessarily, it’s because the effects weren’t seen due to the lack of ‘ingredients.’

In a CBD isolate, only CBD is contained. There aren’t any other cannabinoids or terpenes to work along with the cannabidiol from the plant.

cbd for dogs with cancer
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Contact CBD Dog Health’s Angela Ardolino

For further questions regarding CBD, I highly recommend booking a consultation with Angela Ardolino, the founder of CBD Dog Health and a well-renowned cannabis expert.

Published by Amber L. Drake

Dr. Amber L. Drake is a celebrated author and a distinguished cancer specialist, renowned for her comprehensive research in canine cancer prevention and nutrition. She is widely recognized for her commitment to helping dogs lead long and joyful lives, as well as for her contributions to veterinary medicine education. As the CEO of Canine Companions Co., the Founder of the Drake Dog Cancer Foundation and Academy, and the Co-Founder of Preferable Pups, she has become a respected and influential figure in the canine community, earning the admiration and respect of dog enthusiasts around the globe.

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