What You Need to Know About Hospice Care For Dogs

Caring for our canine companions in their twilight years requires a special blend of compassion, patience, and knowledge. As dogs age and face serious health challenges, many pet owners grapple with providing the best quality of life for their beloved pets. Enter the realm of hospice care for dogs, a dedicated approach to ensuring ourContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Hospice Care For Dogs”

Your Guide to the Costs Involved in Dog Chemotherapy

If your dog is diagnosed with cancer, once the diagnosis has set in, you may be wondering what costs are associated with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, treatment can be expensive, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 for chemotherapy. Fortunately, there are organizations to help with the financial burden, which we’ll also discuss today. Costs Before Chemo for DogsContinue reading “Your Guide to the Costs Involved in Dog Chemotherapy”

Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Dog’s Cancer Diagnosis?

Your dog has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a scary situation and you want to learn everything you can about your dog’s condition and what the best treatment options are. You’ve heard that you should get a second opinion from a different veterinarian, but how does that work when your dog has cancer? I’m hereContinue reading “Should I Get a Second Opinion on My Dog’s Cancer Diagnosis?”

How to Care for Your Dog in their Early Cancer Stages

When your pet is sick, it’s scary for both of you. Uncertainty about the vet’s diagnosis, anxiety that the condition is terminal, and fear of disease’s extent all weigh heavily. Many questions and worries surround cancer. You want to help your beloved dog during this difficult time. You can’t reverse or prevent cancer, but you canContinue reading “How to Care for Your Dog in their Early Cancer Stages”

Thyroid Cancer in Dogs: Signs, Diagnosis, and Conventional Treatment

About halfway down a dog’s neck, along the trachea, are paired organs known as thyroid glands. The tissue of the thyroid gland in the neck is the source of thyroid tumors. Carcinomas make up the majority of thyroid tumors. Bilateral thyroid tumors can occur in up to one-third of dogs. Rarely, a thyroid tumor thatContinue reading “Thyroid Cancer in Dogs: Signs, Diagnosis, and Conventional Treatment”

Lung Cancer in Dogs

Dogs eat a lot of the same things as humans and live in similar environments. According to studies that have looked at the possibility of a correlation, there are commonalities between canine and human cancers. In the course of their lives, 1 in 4 dogs will develop cancer (or even more according to some studies).Continue reading “Lung Cancer in Dogs”

Cancer in Dogs Skin

Dogs are our best friends. When they develop skin cancer, it can be scary and stressful for both them and us. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to help. Let’s take a look at what cancer in dogs’ skin looks like, the different kinds of cancers that can appear on their skin, andContinue reading “Cancer in Dogs Skin”

Choosing Hospice for Dogs

When the choice is made regarding hospice for dogs, it’s important to understand you aren’t giving up. You’re focusing on their comfort through the difficult parts of their cancer journey. If you notice your dog’s quality of life decreasing or are noticing signs of decompensation, hospice could be a good route to help both youContinue reading “Choosing Hospice for Dogs”

Esophageal Tumors in Dogs

Tissue growth and replication abnormalities in the esophagus, the muscular tube that connects the throat to the stomach, are characterized by abnormal cell proliferation and dysregulation of cell replication. In most cases, esophageal tumors develop from cells in the inner lining of the esophagus or from muscle that surrounds the inner lining. Esophageal tumors areContinue reading “Esophageal Tumors in Dogs”

6 Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Early warning signs of cancer are key to treating cancer early. As your dog ages, the risk of cancer increases. By the age of 10, they have a 50% chance of developing a type of canine cancer, which, in case you didn’t know, is the number one cause of death in dogs. Because of this,Continue reading “6 Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs”