Can I Use Human Shampoo for My Dog?

Can I Use Human Shampoo for My Dog

Every dog lover is confronted with the question of whether or not human shampoo can be used on a dog. It’s been a beautiful morning, just you and Rover on the wooded path that leads to solitude and tranquility. That is, until your faithful canine partner spots a squirrel. You suddenly realize why you weren’t going to go on that particular route… the mud is insane!

After digging under every cupboard throughout the house, you notice that there isn’t a trace of dog shampoo anywhere. The temptation is real when you’re looking at your shampoo in the shower.

Say No to Human Shampoo

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In a nutshell, no, and here’s why. Would you believe that the skin of a dog is more sensitive than that of a human? Yes, let’s repeat that. Would you believe that the skin of a dog is more sensitive than that of a human?

It all boils down to pH levels. Most of us have heard the term at some point in our lives, but do you know what it means? This mini-lecture, it turns out, is something you’ll want to listen to. If not for you, then for your dog. He is, after all, a member of your family! Consider how much money you spend each year on immunizations and dog toys at the veterinarian and pet store. Come on, admit it! You adore your canine companion.

A substance’s pH level defines whether it is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. The skin of a dog has a pH level that is close to neutral. Human skin, on the other hand, is significantly more acidic than that of our canine pals.

Damaging the Skin

Dogs, it turns out, have layers of oils on their skin that protect them from hazardous substances like bacteria and viruses. In addition to disrupting your dog’s natural defenses, you risk causing rashes or other skin problems associated with extremely dry skin. In other words, a ten-minute bath and shampoo may cause your four-legged pet to itch and whimper if you use human shampoo.

How can one shampoo be hazardous, even though the pH levels of the skin differ? Human shampoos are created with components that take into account the acidic nature of our scalps due to pH variances.

The acid mantle, which is the layer of protecting oils and skin stated previously, deteriorates when non-canine pH balanced shampoos are used. As bacteria infiltrate the surface, a distinct odor develops, prompting dog lovers to clean their pets more and more frequently.

Choose the Best Product

Consider natural components when looking for the best canine shampoo. Regardless of the pH, harsh chemicals irritate skin. Avoid artificial aromas and long ingredient lists in favor of calming substances like honey and oatmeal.

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When buying dog shampoo, examine the labels and ingredients first. Look for the pH level on the product, even if the label says “dog shampoo.” To keep your dog’s acid mantle happy and your vet expenditures low, give him a nice bath with a pH of 7 or as close to 7 as you can get.

Share the Knowledge

Make sure to pass this information on to all of your dog friends. Who’d have guessed human shampoo could have such negative consequences? If your dog has to be bathed and you don’t have any doggie shampoo on hand, simply use water until your next shopping trip to get the suitable pH balanced shampoo for the particular canine(s) in your life.

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