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Drake Dog Cancer Foundation: The Center for Prevention and Education

Drake Dog Cancer Foundation

The Drake Dog Cancer Foundation is committed to all facets of dog cancer, with an aim to prevent dog cancer via education and provide actionable advice to families who are currently on the dog cancer journey.

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About Us

The mission of the Drake Dog Cancer Foundation is to educate dog lovers around the world about what they can do themselves, alongside their veterinarian, to help their dogs get through cancer. 

Drake Dog Cancer Foundation

How You Can Help

Share Your Knowledge

Share the knowledge you learn here with others. Among dog lovers, there is little known about canine cancer until “it hits.” Dog lovers often don’t have the time to learn about dog cancer until their dog has been diagnosed. Share the importance of prevention, early detection, cancer types, and more! 

You have the power to create a ripple effect.

Fund Our Content

To get subscription-only content, most organizations require a monthly payment. We understand that this isn’t possible for everyone at Drake Dog Cancer Foundation. To assist us in continuing to produce content, please click the button below to provide a donation. This will allow us to continue to provide free content to all readers.


You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of dogs around the world.

Drake Dog Cancer Foundation

Drake Dog Cancer Foundation


The generosity of this organization makes it possible for me to continue having education opportunities in this difficult area.


Wonderful content packed with loads of information. I am grateful to have a trustworthy source while I am handling my dog’s cancer.


Not just early detection, but awareness and prevention

Dog cancer

At The Drake Dog Cancer Foundation we believe that the cancer journey begins with reducing risks. We are dedicated to providing high-quality educational resources verified by science to reduce cancer risk, and for dogs who already have a cancer diagnosis, reverse or stop the cancer.

Our mission is to help people and dogs by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat dog cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches. Please note, conventional methods will also be discussed, we believe an integrative approach is most effective based on our extensive research practices. We’re proud to show you how in our blog content.

We deliver Canine Cancer Education in 4 ways:
1) Educational materials for cancer prevention and management.
2) Free individualized counseling for dogs who have already had a cancer diagnosis or are at high-risk for developing cancer.
3) Health Professional Training for Dog Lovers and Professionals in the industry.
4) Public seminars and conferences for cancer prevention, management, treatment options, and more!

The Drake Dog Cancer Foundation Difference:
1) We teach true prevention, not just early detection! “Early Detection” is better than late detection, but it is not the same as prevention.
2) Our programs for dogs diagnosed with cancer focus on a case-by-case basis. Your dog is unique and must be treated as such.
3) We raise money for education AND research! We also provide high-quality content free-of-cost rather than charging a high dollar price tag.

Types of Treatment

If your dog has cancer, you have likely heard of the potential treatment options. Conventional methods like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the most popular. Alternative treatments include (but are not limited to) herbal remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, positive mindset (yes, this is scientifically proven), and CBD (cannabis medicine). Visit our blog to learn more!

Conventional dog cancer treatment

Conventional Treatments

Alternative dog cancer treatment

Alternative Treatments

Clinical trials for dog cancer

Clinical Trials

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Start Learning!

An integral part of the Drake Dog Cancer Foundation involves public awareness of not only holistic options for dogs who are already diagnosed with cancer, but taking a step toward canine cancer prevention. Take a look at our free and low-cost course offerings for dog lovers around the world!

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